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This program is just a repack with NSIS of two command line programs: LAME and the exe inside MobileAMRconverter.

I made it to easily convert to MP3 those AMR sound files I record with my cellphone.

Remember, if you want to listen AMR files in Windows you just have to install "K-Lite Codec Pack" Full version, and tick the option in the installer.

  • To install: double-click the program, this will register the context menu item that triggers the conversion.


  • To use: go to the .amr file you want to convert to MP3 open the context menu and select "Convert to MP3"


  • Download it here:

AMR Converter v0.0.4

AMR Converter v0.0.3

AMR Converter v0.0.2

AMR Converter v0.0.1