què passa a dinamarca?

Resulta que el programa My Movies no pot importar llista de películes sense esborrar les que ja tens, i no pots modificar la teva llista sense internet. Envio un email per suggerir la millora, em responen:

Our import function is created for once and for all switching from your current application to the My Movies product suite.

It is not created to let you continue to run the application you import from.

The application unfortunately requires an internet connection to make changes – this has to do that the master is the online service, allowing you to switch between devices with the same collection.

Els responc dient que mantinc els suggeriments i que per la resposta veig que no els faran. Em responen:

This is not something we can do anything about without a full redesign of how things are created.

Most users have 3G connections on their mobile devices, and is rarely without internet.

I ara els respondré jo amb això:

I had a long answer for you, but I deleted it, you just need to know that working offline is one of the functionalities of many programs, and it’s your program’s fault for not working. My phone and many other internet apps do still work and get sync when internet comes back. Blame it on the users for using the program without 3G. “They should get a pen and a paper when the internet goes away”. Thanks.

and the thing about the import function is very strange. It’s very strange that I can add one movie by barcode, but I can’t import two movies by barcode because this needs to erase the database.

I installed your program for managing a list of movies easily, but then I would have to enter every movie one by one and remember not to use it when there’s no internet. I don’t understand.

[editat 5 gener 12] es veu que no sóc el primer.

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