TeraCopy, bad development

Hi ha coses que m’emprenyen, i quan estic emprenyat parlo en anglès.

TeraCopy is a nice program. But it has a problem: The developer, the programer is not honest.

You can read my comment one year ago at bitsdujour:

I don’t recommend buying this software, I did sometime ago and the development is dead, there are bugs that aren’t fixed.

and he closed comments so he doesn’t have to stand them, and we, users, realize the problems.


If you click on the link, you will see that they opened the comments again. Magical. 😡

And now you can read this comment by Proberbial on Jan 22, 2011 13:07 that was posted in the post of the latest release (2.2 Beta 3), right next to this other comment.

any hope for releasing a bugfised version next time???

It would be much more important to have a bugfixed version 2.12 (in whicht teracopy e.g. “rename all” feature is really working , also at a great number of files) than getting additional features like were announce for v. 2.2. –

It seems that there are many additional problems with 2.2beta3, so please first concentrate on the bugfixes of previous – pro versions instead of always announcing “will be released next month”.

I bought teracopy pro many nonths ago, and still can´t use the “rename all” feature, nor I ever got an answer from the support – that´s not a good advertising for your company, which could have much better recommondattions, if the software would be bugfixed and the support would answer the tickets.´
With kind regards

And this one was deleted, again.

The developer keeps adding useless features like languages or eject USB, but then the program keeps making mistakes on copying files.

And he keeps milking the cow of users. Because it keeps releasing “new versions”, making it look that the program will be developed, when it isn’t. And it’s been like this for some years now. 👿

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