nenes que es depilen

Meet the pre-teen beauty addicts | the Daily Mail
Take 11-year-old Belle Chapman. Last week, Belle, a naturally pretty brunette, turned to her mother Cheryl and said: “I must get my legs waxed again, they are getting so hairy.”

Cheryl, a PR executive from Reigate in Surrey, says: “Her monthly waxing costs me about £30, and she regularly has her hair highlighted, which costs £60.


The Daily Mail columnist Bel Mooney, who lectures on the role pornography plays in society, says: “Go into town centres and you see pre-teen girls dressed as go-go dancers in mini skirts or navel-showing jeans with skimpy crop tops over their flat chests.

“Do parents have to hammer the nails in the coffin of innocence themselves?”

Set stories such as this together with the release of a UN study in February which said British children were the unhappiest and unhealthiest in the developed world, and a very worrying picture of Britain’s young girls begins to emerge.


For many, such behaviour may seem hard to fathom, but experts from the American Psychological Association point an accusing finger at toys such as Bratz dolls, voted Girls Toy of the Year in the UK in 2002, which come with eye make-up, miniskirts, fishnet stockings and feather boas, and embrace the slogan ‘passion for fashion’.

Is it surprising then that young girls are receiving such mixed messages?

In reality however, it appears it’s the parents who ultimately believe that beauty, success and financial security go hand in hand.

2 thoughts on “nenes que es depilen

  1. Aqui passa el mateix i ningú en fa columnes als diaris. Estranya és la nena que no es va començar a depilar amb el canvi de la pubertat. I la majoria són ben normals.

  2. bé, haig de reconèixer que el món de les nenes d’11 anys és del tot desconegut per mi. Demà mateix em faig monitor d’un grup escolta 🙂

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